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Facebook Losing Ground?

Things in the computer and online world change with blazing speed! Desktop, laptop, hand-held devices…what’s next? Who knows? Yes, how we use the internet changes quickly and often. A recent article I read said teens are beginning to leave Facebook and use other social media because Facebook is their parents’ thing. Could Facebook go the way of MySpace? And we already have Twitter and Tumblr waiting in the wings. I guarantee somewhere in the world right this minute someone is working on some huge change in the way we deal with computers and the internet! And, it’ll be here soon!

Life can be like that. Changing quickly, moving at the speed of light. Do you ever feel like life is a raging river and you just fell in? You’re being tossed head over heels. And you can’t get back to solid ground. You reach out but all you get is a handful of water. Any minute you feel like you will drown.

Here’s some good news. There is some solid ground. Jesus. He doesn’t change. He is constant, steady. He’s unswerving and reliable. His waters are not raging, his are the calm waters of a lake…smooth…glassy…still.

(Jesus speaking) “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.”  Matthew 7



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