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It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding

Wedding. What a celebration! Two families that may, for the most part be strangers, come together for a few hours to celebrate (and dance and party!) the love of two people.

How does this happen? Everyone already loves either the bride or the groom and everyone is prepared to love the other one. The love of the bride or groom is the common denominator. It’s the reason you talk with people you’ve never met, it’s the reason you eat with strangers and make small talk (remember the reception!). And, it’s the reason you sit in an audience and shed tears with people not in your family (yes…even you, Dad, as your little “feeheart” officially pledges her love to another man).

A wedding is a great picture of the church. People come together with friends and family and strangers to celebrate their love of a person…Jesus Christ. They get together one or more times a week, maybe to eat together, maybe to pray , maybe to learn.

That’s the picture you should get when you enter a church for the first time. A loving people, who love because they are emulating the one who loves them. A caring, compassionate people, willing to love you and desiring to take you into their family…no questions asked.

Been awhile since you’ve been to a wedding? How long since you’ve been to church? Maybe it’s time to try it again. Get together with some people to celebrate God’s love. You won’t stay a stranger long!

So then, let us aim for harmony in the church and try to build each other up. Romans 14


The Two Are United into One

Did someone tell you marriage would be a breeze? That you would have a wonderful time living with your spouse 24/7? That you would never argue or get on each other’s nerves? They lied. Marriage is not always easy. So, how do two people who don’t think alike, who don’t feel the same about everything, become one. I guarantee it’s not by just saying, “I do.”

Becoming one…learning to live together…is a process. And this process doesn’t have as much to do with the body or the spirit as it does with the mind. It’s a labor in progress to work out the misunderstandings, the botched communication, the disagreements, the financial problems, the differences in parenting, the clashing goals. That means working with your mind, your will, and your emotions to reach a point of harmony with your spouse.

You can know spiritually what’s the right thing to do, but that doesn’t mean you’ll end up doing it.

The two are united into one. Genesis 2

These words are used in many marriage ceremonies, but it doesn’t just happen. The uniting is an on-going activity. What might you do today to better the relationship between you and your spouse?

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