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Life Can Stick It To You!

Yes, life can really stick it to you. One day it’s your boss, another it’s your spouse. Your addiction. Your kids. Bills you can’t pay. You spend all day thinking: When’s the next semi going to hit me! The worry eats at you and life is no longer the least bit enjoyable. Yes, we all know life’s not always fair, but when you have to worry about so much…life just sucks.

But, listen to this. I read about a young woman who went to a food pantry in Dallas, Texas, because she had no food, no money, and no place to live. She had no family except her husband who was in prison. On top of that, she had a liver disease and needed a transplant. One of people at the pantry asked her how she was holding up, and she unbelievably answered, “I’m not worried about my life, because I know God will take care of me.” She wasn’t worried about her sad conditions. That’s incredible!

Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you. 1 Peter 5

This young woman believed what God says. She believed it, she was living it. Jesus said, “Do not worry.” That phrase, in the original language, means “stop being anxious.” Stop it! Quit worrying! It might be said like this: “Don’t be anxious about anything” and “Cast your anxiety on him (Jesus) because he cares for you.” She believed and practiced this despite her health and circumstances. Undeterred by her situation, she was going to live her life.

Do you want to worry less and enjoy life more? Consider exploring for yourself what this young woman found in God. Maybe you too can learn to live life differently…with less worry. Really living your life.



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