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Life’s a B….

And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
 Isaiah 9

Driving in my car the other day, I read the bumper sticker on the old truck in front of me. “Life’s a bitch!” it said. I’ve heard that one before, I smirked. But, you know, it’s true. Part of what makes it true is all this choosing you have to do every day. You choose to get up 10 minutes early. You choose to be ticked off because of all the frost on your car windows. You choose to be upset about things in your past that are impossible to change. All these choice every day. Are they the right ones? Should you do something else? Tension and anxiety!

The verse today was written long before Jesus was born, but it was a description of him. He’s a wonderful counselor. Someone to help you make decisions, not make them for you, but to assist you. There are no limits on the size of the decisions. It might be helping you find your keys; it might be deciding where to look for new housing.

As you make decisions today…need some help? Get some assistance. Maybe you could change that bumper sticker to read: Life’s a beach…and really mean it! Sun, fun, and less tension.


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