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God’s Love & Peace to You


Well, they say all good things must come to an end. I’ve been publishing this blog Monday-Friday for a year. But, the G3 Church is moving on with some new media and ways of communicating. Watch on the G3 Church website for more information as it becomes available. As for me, if I start another blog, you’ll catch me on Facebook and Twitter.

The goal of this blog was to connect our modern culture with the God of the Bible. On most days, I feel I successfully did that. Hope you thought so too.

There’s a song on The Beatles’ “White Album” called “Glass Onion.” In it John, not so subtly, reveals that the walrus (mentioned in the song “I Am a Walrus”) was Paul. He sings: “Well, here’s another clue for you all, the walrus was Paul.”

Well, here’s a couple of not so subtle clues for you, readers:

The gorilla was Bruce.

And, The savior of the world is Jesus.

There is salvation in no one else! God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved. Acts 4


Sit Your Butt Down!


Did you watch the 2012 Musical Chairs World Championship? Yes…musical chairs. First place prize $10,000. It took place in Amesbury, Massachusetts, in June last year with 1,200 contestants. The rules were, yes, the basic rules you played with when you were a kid. When the music starts, contestants walk around in a circle. When it stops, you’ve got 7 seconds to find a seat, butt first, no using hands, elbows, teeth, or any “overaggressive tactic.” And like any sporting event, there was a referee. (Wonder if they had booth reviews of close calls?)

In the final round a 31 years old guy faced a 23 year old woman for the first World Musical Chairs title. They stalked each other around the single chair before his exotic squat-n-shuffle strategy helped him win. Be sure to tune in on November 23, 2013, in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, to watch him defend his title.

With God you never have to play musical chairs. If you want to connect with God, he has a place for you. Are there times when you don’t think a chair is available for you? Sure there are, but ask him to show you where to sit and he’ll show you. Of course, if you fuse your spiritual life with God, you won’t be doing much sitting. Life with him is full of action.

Don’t spend your time sitting around. Don’t play musical chairs with your life. Attach yourself to God. You’ll always have a place with him.

For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10

***So, you’re wondering what music was played at the Musical Chairs World Championship? Here’s some of the playlist:

“I Get Around” – The Beach Boys

“U Can’t Touch This” – MC Hammer

“Rump Shaker” – Wreckx-N-Effect

“Fat Bottomed Girls” – Queen

“Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix-A-Lot

Snowing Yourself



The first snow of winter (or late fall). So beautiful. It’s the one where you just stand at the window and watch as those delicate flakes flutter down and rest on the ground. Finally, everything is covered up. Your yard looks all white and Christmasy.

But, the hole the dog dug by the flower bed is still there. So is that mud pit down by the fence. And that dip you always hit when mowing…it’s still there waiting for you to burr off the grass again come Spring.

The snow has only temporarily covered up the defects, but they’re still there. They’ll be revealed again soon.

You can end up living your life this way. Just covering up who you are because you don’t want people to know the real you. Snowing everyone. Underneath, though, you’re still the same person you’ve always been. You fear being revealed…again.

But, what if you decided to give yourself over to God. That’s not how he would deal with you. He doesn’t cover anything up. No, he recreates! He scraps all that you were, then starts fresh, helping you to create the new you. There’s no cover-up.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to be the person you want to be? You might try linking up with God and…starting over.

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 2 Corinthians 5


And the Winner Is…


“American Idol” starts up again tonight…w00t!!! My favorite shows are the auditions. Some of those huge crowds make it to audition in front of the judges. Sometimes I’m laughing my head off at their antics; sometimes I am just hurting because the person is so bad and thinks he/she is so good (Mama said so); sometimes I’m just blown away by the raw talent.

But, do you see how many people are trying to get an audition?! My gosh, those crowds are huge in every city. Do they realize there will be only 12 that make the show…and, in the end, there will be just one winner? Everyone else…everyone…will be eliminated. Yep. That’s the reality.

It’s not that way with God. If you put your life in his hands, if you put your faith in him…he is going to make you part of his family. Yes! Everyone who does so. All of those people who audition in every city for “American Idol.” Every single one of them have that promise from God. You have that promise from God.

You can be a winner. And, God has the ability to make each one seem like the only one. He’s like the perfect parent who is all things to each of his children while not overlooking any of the others.

You might not be the American idol…but you can be God’s superstar.

For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. John 3

Now! Yes! Right Now!


We are a nation of instant gratification. Life is so fast if you don’t like one thing in just a second or two…move on to another. Occasionally, though, it takes some time to find what you’re looking for.

Have you ever bought an album off iTunes because you liked six of the fifteen songs? You keep listening to it and over time some of the other nine songs become your favorites. If you hadn’t put in the listening time, you wouldn’t have gotten to know those songs at all.

The same can be true of church. You might go to a church for a couple of weeks. Go in a the last minute, sit down, get up and leave as soon as the program’s over. Never really get to know “the other nine songs.” So…you just quit going.

Are all churches the same? NO! There are different communities of people in each one. Find one you think you have something in common with. Maybe a friend goes there, or the music sounds like your style, or the laid back atmosphere makes you feel comfortable. But then? Stay awhile and get to know the community. Put in the listening time. Give the people a chance.

If that community isn’t for you…move on. Find another.

God created the church to support you. To give you another family. Look around…find your family.

And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another…. Hebrews 10


Don’t Cut It Off!!!


Imagine breaking your finger really badly. It’s a mess! A gruesome break. So what do you do if you can’t get medical help? Why…you cut it off. Just cut the finger off and it’s not broken anymore.

Now that sounds stupid, doesn’t it. But, avoiding people when you’re hurting is like cutting off a finger just because it’s broken. Apart from your body that finger is not going to heal. It’s only by staying connected that healing takes place.

Yet, how many times when you’re hurting do you isolate yourself. You stay away from everyone. Staying connected is what brings healing. Associating with friends in spite of your hurt. In your pain still relating to family.

God wants to join you in your pain and suffering. He wants to heal and comfort you. Think about not shutting him out. Allow him to point the way to hope and renewed happiness.

Feeling alone lately in your hurt? Step back out into the light. Look up…that’s change you’re seeing.

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Psalm 34

From “Still Lolo”

“Maybe my mistake had been assuming that warriors are fearless, tough, and unbeatable. I’ve come to realize that warriors aren’t invincible; they’re just strengthened and energized by hope.”

Lauren Scruggs (aka Lolo) is so right. Warriors aren’t invincible, but they understand what hope is, and search for it. Then, they attach their hearts to it. And that is what energizes them, allowing them to get through horrible circumstances.

You are hardwired for hope. That’s the way God made us. He provides the hope. Look around you, ask him to show it to you. It’s there!

I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4

Whatever your circumstances might be, you can be a warrior. Ask God, look for the hope he provides, attach your heart to it. Then…fight on.

***Still Lolo is the amazing story of an amazing young woman. Check her out in this video.

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