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Dig Two Graves


Confucius said: Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves. What does he mean?

With revenge comes an intense desire to take back something that was lost. Even if the reason is only to restore one’s own dignity. In some cases it’s a matter of pride, in other cases it’s not.

While there is a thing called sweet revenge, there’s actually nothing at all sweet about it. In fact, what Confucius is saying here is that revenge is unhealthy. It’s usually accompanied by feelings of anger and bitterness. Those negative emotions can unfavorably affect your physical and mental health. Seeking revenge can be draining.

So, how do you calm those out of control emotions which move you to revenge? Here’s where God comes in. Through following his way, looking to him, praying, reading his Word, you can find peace in your life. Even a life that is out of control. He can help bring you back from the brink. To a place of calm, peace, tranquility.

Do you ever dream of revenge? Do you ever sort of plan what you might do to someone who has really hurt you? Yeah, me too. But, truly it’s not good for you or me to be doing that. In the long run we may get revenge, but we may suffer more also. Confucius said dig two graves because you may put the other person down, but you’ll go down, too, doing so.

Maybe…instead…Seek God.

Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. Philippians 4


And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Do you like stories and films about revenge? When the main character who has been treated so badly turns the tables and reeks havoc on those responsible? Remember the horror movie “Carrie”? Carrie, who all the kids made fun of, was voted prom queen and her enemies dumped pig’s blood on her as she’s crowned. But then…she, with her powers, locked all the gym doors and burned the place to the ground. Vengeance.

It’s easy to give people what they deserve. It’s easy to go into a rage or spend time coldly planning a vengeful action. Revenge is a thoughtless reaction. What’s much more rewarding is mercy. Mercy is not giving someone what he or she deserves.

There is a classic book by Alexander Dumas called The Count of Monte Cristo. It is the story of a man falsely accused and sentenced, without a trial, to life in prison. The man escapes and he begins a life of revenge. But what makes the story a classic is as he gets his revenge he begins to change and he become merciful to those who hurt him. He realizes it’s only mercy that gives him the peace he desires.

God is a God of mercy. He looks at you and says, “You can’t be perfect. You have done things that are bad. So what do you deserve?” And then…then…he gives you mercy…his love and hope.

Do you or any of us deserve it? No. But then, that’s what mercy is.

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever. Psalm 107

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