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For My “Friends”

You know, of course, that every generation is defined by some tv show they watched. Maybe you are from the “Mash” generation. Or, perhaps, the “Seinfeld” generation.

Well, today, this clip is for the “Friends” generation: Jennifer Aniston on “The Ellen Show”

Have a great weekend!



Drive ‘Em Craaaaazy!

Go to the site below. Then click and click and click and drive the people in your work area crazy ALL day!!!

It’s gonna be a great Friday!

A Little Friday Catnip

Do you think Dave got a little too much catnip? 

But, who cares! It’s Friday!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

You Can Call Me Sophia Grace

Can you ever get too much of Sophia Grace and Rosie?!  I think not!!! You CANNOT watch this and not laugh!


IT’S MARCH! What’s not to like about a month that starts on a FRIDAY!!!

Sit Your Butt Down!


Did you watch the 2012 Musical Chairs World Championship? Yes…musical chairs. First place prize $10,000. It took place in Amesbury, Massachusetts, in June last year with 1,200 contestants. The rules were, yes, the basic rules you played with when you were a kid. When the music starts, contestants walk around in a circle. When it stops, you’ve got 7 seconds to find a seat, butt first, no using hands, elbows, teeth, or any “overaggressive tactic.” And like any sporting event, there was a referee. (Wonder if they had booth reviews of close calls?)

In the final round a 31 years old guy faced a 23 year old woman for the first World Musical Chairs title. They stalked each other around the single chair before his exotic squat-n-shuffle strategy helped him win. Be sure to tune in on November 23, 2013, in Tyngsborough, Massachusetts, to watch him defend his title.

With God you never have to play musical chairs. If you want to connect with God, he has a place for you. Are there times when you don’t think a chair is available for you? Sure there are, but ask him to show you where to sit and he’ll show you. Of course, if you fuse your spiritual life with God, you won’t be doing much sitting. Life with him is full of action.

Don’t spend your time sitting around. Don’t play musical chairs with your life. Attach yourself to God. You’ll always have a place with him.

For “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10

***So, you’re wondering what music was played at the Musical Chairs World Championship? Here’s some of the playlist:

“I Get Around” – The Beach Boys

“U Can’t Touch This” – MC Hammer

“Rump Shaker” – Wreckx-N-Effect

“Fat Bottomed Girls” – Queen

“Baby Got Back” – Sir Mix-A-Lot

A Short Jaunt

Time for your Friday video extravaganza! Here’s a trivia fact you can impress your friends and co-workers with ALL DAY!!!



You know what’s next!  THE WEEKEND!!!


Hey, it’s Friday video time. This would freak me out, too!  I do love the girl who just says: “Really?!”

Have a supercolossalultragreat FRIDAY!!!

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