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Your Facebook Photos

I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy. Yes, your joy will overflow!  John 15

If you look on anyone’s facebook page, you find one or more self-portraits. You know, the ones with your mouth and your eyes wide open. Yes! That one! Why do you take those pictures? To save a special moment in time? To show yourself how important you are? Or, is it simpler. You just need to make yourself laugh; you just need to be silly sometimes, have fun. Lighten up your world. When you capture a really crazy moment, not only do you laugh, but you lighten up the world of all your friends, too!

Joy that overflows! Wow! That’s the kind of life Jesus wants for you. He doesn’t want you to be miserable, to have troubles. He wants you to be filled with joy! Joy allows you to take delight in your circumstances. It allows you to feel authentic happiness. Only those who truly know you can fully appreciate the self-portraits you post. Jesus has snapshots in his mind of your fun times. Jesus knows you.

Get your camera out today and take a picture of yourself and post it on facebook! Haha! You just brightened a friend’s day! Now, with your mind’s camera take a picture of your life. Post that one on Jesus’ facebook page.


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