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March Madness Meets Project Runway

b3d1545da589f25fa6e281462449ad79March Madness is in the air, and Adidas has unveiled a new adizero uniform system for six college teams to wear during the NCAA tourament this year. These uniforms feature the most advanced uniform technology and…the limited-edition camouflage prints.

Only Bayor, UCLA, Louisville, Cincinnati, Kansas, and Notre Dame will wear these cool (or atrocious, depending on your opinion) uniforms.

Here’s my favorite quote from the Adidas Director of Sports Marketing: “These programs will wear the most innovative basketball uniforms to help them elevate their game during the most important time of the year.” Please! The uniforms will elevate their game? Please.

Well, this I do know, God doesn’t care what you wear…or even how you’ve performed in your life so far. He says come on down and let me help you to get it done…living, that is. You may not dress cool, you may not act cool, you may not be cool. God invites you to connect with him anyway.

You need God? He’s waiting for you. Doesn’t matter how old you are, what you look like, what you’ve done…he’s still waiting. Try connecting today.

But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.  John 1


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Enjoy your weekend!

Hoosier March Madness


March is the month for basketball in Indiana! There are all the high school games as teams go through the sectionals, regionals, and semi-states on their way to the championship in Indianapolis. Going on simultaneously is the NCAA tournament! People fill out their brackets and whine about the bracket-busters on the first weekend. It’s crazy! That’s why they call it: MARCH MADNESS! To play on any of those teams at any level takes a lot of practice, hours and hours playing hoops. Being a part of that is competitive. Not everyone makes the team. Only the best.

Being a part of Jesus is not competitive. You can be a part, you can join the team. There’re no tryouts, there’re no grueling practices, no running the stairs, no getting in shape, no hours shooting free throws. As a matter of fact, Jesus doesn’t care what shape you’re in when you come to him because he’s going to take care of you. Everyone can make the team, it’s your choice. Still, one of the important things to Jesus is that you are part of the team. He loves you individually, but he also sees value in your living in community with others.

Independence is good, but you also need support. You need people around you who care about you, who love you. That’s why you live in community. Who is your community?

We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other. Romans 12

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