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For My “Friends”

You know, of course, that every generation is defined by some tv show they watched. Maybe you are from the “Mash” generation. Or, perhaps, the “Seinfeld” generation.

Well, today, this clip is for the “Friends” generation: Jennifer Aniston on “The Ellen Show”

Have a great weekend!



Those Stories and More Tonight on “60 Minutes”


When famous people die, we know it. Mike Wallace died and an entire “60 Minutes” show was done on his life. How could you live in America and not know that Dick Clark passed away last year? Every news show on the internet and tv talked about it. These were important people because they were well-known to so many.

What about when you and I pass away? I am seriously doubting there will be a segment of “60 Minutes” about my death. I don’t think I will even make YouTube. Except for some family and friends and an obituary in the local paper no one will know about our demise. And, that’s neither good nor bad…that’s just the way it is. You and I are not that well-known, we’re not important to that many people.

That’s not how it is with God. Every one and all are important to him. He doesn’t respect one person more than another. There is no favoritism or partiality with God. Everyone is on equal footing. Wealth, status, social standing, position, appearance don’t matter. That guy with the $300 suit sitting in his Wall Street office with his leather shoes and the homeless guy in shabby clothes living on the street outside look the same to God.

As you walk through life don’t you just want to be loved unconditionally? That’s what you get with God. That’s what everybody gets.

Then Peter replied, “I see very clearly that God shows no favoritism.” Acts 10

The Voice

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10

Hey, do you watch “The Voice”?!! Love that show! Love the judges…well, mostly and usually. What I love is the concept of the show. Contestants are supposed to be judged solely on their singing voices. Looks, don’t count. Dance moves, don’t count. Clothes, don’t count. It’s really evident in the first round when the judges have their backs to the singers and blindly choose who will be on their teams. Selected by only…The Voice.

Jesus has a voice; however, sometimes it’s not heard. People will tell you what Jesus says, but that’s not his voice. Books are written about Jesus, but that’s not his voice. Religion will try to show you how Jesus says to live, but that’s not his voice. But, you can hear the voice of Jesus for yourself. The Bible contains his authentic words, his verbal voice. And, it contains information about his life, his active voice. Jesus never intended for other people to tell you what he says; he gives you the opportunity to read and hear it for yourself. Then, you can make your own decision about what you have discovered.

Think how stupid “The Voice’ would be if the judges made their selections based on reading about the contestants, hearing families and friends talk about the contestants, and viewing videos the show made about the contestants, BUT could never hear the actual voices of the contestants. Thank goodness, the show isn’t like that. Neither is the voice of Jesus.

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