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E.T. Phone Home

Have you ever left home to go on an errand and suddenly remember…you forgot your cell phone?! Oh, my gosh, you can’t reach anyone, you’re not in touch. You can’t even remember where your phone is AND you don’t have your phone so you can’t make a note to look for it when you get home! No checking your texts, no getting on facebook, no tweeting, no emails. Holy smokes! You’re out of touch!

With God you never have that trouble. You may not remember him, but he’s always with you. He’s the cell phone that’s unfailingly in your pocket or purse. Wherever you are…he is. That’s comforting, isn’t it? Knowing when you need him, God will be there.

And, when you need God, there’s no finding your phone, there’re no waiting for the wifi or 3G/4G to come up, no pushing buttons or touching a screen. Just start talking…then listen for the reply.

The Lord is watching everywhere. Proverbs 15


Hello, Good-Bye

Telemarketer: “Good evening, I’m conducting a survey and if you’ll answer a few questions, I’d like to send you a gift.”

Me: “A gift for answering how many questions?”

Telemarketer: “Ten questions.”

Me: “And the gift is a free gift?”

Telemarketer: “That’s correct.”

Me: “I don’t have to purchase anything?”

Telemarketer: “Well, I will make you some offers. And you choose one, then you get the gift.”

Me: “So, it’s not free, I have to purchase something to get it.”

Telemarketer: “No. The gift is free. It comes free with the purchase.”

Me: “Then, it’s not a free gift, is it.”

Telemarketer: “The gift is free.”

Me: “Uh…goodbye!”

People have conversations with you, but they don’t mean what they say (especially if they’re trying to sell you something). Confusing, huh. And frustrating!

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Philippians 4

Prayer is simply conversation with God. Pretty staggering that God would want to have a conversation with a human being. But, get this! Not only does he want to have a conversation with you, but what he says is honest, sincere, frank, and on the level. No double talk. He may not speak with you in an audible voice; however, he does speak with you. He does answer your questions. Above all, he listens to what you have to say.

You: “God? You there?”

God: “I’m here…go on, I’m listening.”

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