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Is Traditional Dating Dead?


I read an online article recently about how dating has changed. “Traditional dating is dead,” it said, “in our world the art of offline dating has been lost.” Instead of going out on explicit dates, people test the romantic waters, move in and out of “gray areas,” and use technology to explore the various aspects of their connection “before putting labels or expectations on their relationship.” Perhaps, you’ve done some of these things yourself. Maybe you met someone. Maybe you even married the person.

Is the move away from traditional dating bad? No. It’s just different. It allows communication in a myriad of ways.

There’re a multitude of ways to build a relationship with God. Have you tried prayer? That’s the one everyone mentions first. Just good old conversation with God. And, prayer is also listening. God’s voice may not be audible, but you might sense an answer nonetheless.

God communicates with you through the Bible. If you’re reading it, he might direct you to a certain verse or a passage that connects you more closely with him.

You might have a Christian friend whom God moves your way. That friend might help in your building a relationship with God.

If you’re over 50, when you were younger, you probably built relationships with the opposite sex face-to-face or on the phone (that’s as in a “land-line, dialing, wired to the wall unit.”) There’s more than one way to build a relationship with God. It’s a relationship you’re going to love…keep working on it.

I tell you, you can pray for anything…. Mark 11


The Party’s Over

In a recent blog there was a list of ways to know if it were over in a dating (talking, flirting, seeing-each-other, hooking up) relationship. Here are some of them:

 * He cannot make up his mind if he likes you or another girl.

* She is insanely jealous when you spend small amounts of time with your friends.

* You see a pattern of lies and deception that goes back for months, maybe for years.

* You scream and yell at each other on a regular basis.

* If your boyfriend or girlfriend has ever hit you, hurt you, or threatened to harm you in any way.

* Promises made are never kept and always broken.

* All your wise, trusted friends tell you it’s over.

Here’s the list of ways to know when your relationship with Jesus is over:

* Never over. There is no list. He’s always there for you.


As you’re going through your daily routine, consider a relationship with someone you will never have to leave, someone who will never leave you. That’s the way commitment should be, isn’t it?

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13


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