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Brady’s No First Round Pick

“What do you mean, ‘If I can’?” Jesus asked. “Anything is possible if a person believes.” Mark 9

The NFL draft is over. It was a foregone conclusion by draft time who the Indianapolis Colts would pick…Andrew Luck. The first round picks are the ones with the greatest skills. Teams are banking on those players’ success. But the most interesting ones are the mid-round picks. Those are the players who a coach or general manager believes could be a great player. They aren’t great yet, but they have potential and someone is able to recognize it. Next, the team has to have good coaches who know how to develop that potential. In football terminology it’s called “coaching up” a player. Some of those “potentials” do quite well…like the 2000 sixth round pick…Tom Brady.


Jesus is great at seeing potential. He sees it in everyone. Yes! He sees your potential. He knows you, knows your skills, your abilities, your distinctive features. Ones you may not know you have. And…he has the power to develop you into a better self. It wouldn’t do much good if all he did was see the potential. But Jesus is a great coach! He knows what he’s doing. He can coach you up, get you to a higher level.


In college football not everyone has the choice to be drafted. As the NCAA commercial says most student-athletes end up somewhere other than professional sports. With Jesus…everyone is a potential draftee. It’s your choice to join Jesus.


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