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Don’t Push That Button!

To launch the TNT television network in the country of Belgium a big red push button was placed in the middle of an average Flemish square in an average Flemish town. A sign saying “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button. Click here to see what happened: PUSH TO ADD DRAMA

Does that look like your life sometimes?!! And, some days you don’t even have to push a button to have drama in your life, do you. Drama is part of life. At your work place, at your school, in your home, it can show up anywhere. The problem isn’t how do you get rid of all the drama in life; the problem is how do deal with the drama in your life.

The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time. Psalm 34

God doesn’t promise to end the drama in your life. There will be trials and trouble in this world. How does God help? He’ll help you to develop the strength and the endurance and the patience to get past the drama. And, there’s more. Some people are defeated by trouble in their lives, but God will strengthen you. Not only will he guide you though the drama, but you’ll end up learning how to cope with such situations. You’ll be a better person.

With God it’s not as simple as your pushing the “Easy” button, but you can find what you need to move to the finale of your drama, and become a stronger, better person in the process.


Your Starbucks Order on a Bad Day

Remember that Monday? You sleep through your alarm because you were out partying the night before until 3:00 a.m.? Your head’s in a vice and you’re only vaguely aware of where you are. You have the boss from hell who threatens to fire you for being a minute late! Stumbling to the bathroom, you somehow brush your teeth and shower without drowning. From your closet you grab the first thing your hand comes in contact with. No time to make coffee…BUT…you’ve managed to leave yourself enough time to go through the drive-through at Starbucks.

Remember that Monday? Well, on days like that, here’s what you should order:

I’m going to give you a magical phrase from the Bible that if said facing East will reset the previous 24 hours. Ready? Sorry, just kidding. There’s nothing like that in the Bible. Here’s what the Bible does say about those bad days.

Rejoice in our confident hope. Be patient in trouble, and keep on praying. Romans 12

God will give you hope. Not just any hope but confident, certain, no doubt hope. He’ll help you to learn patience, to make it through those rotten days. Keep on praying. In other words, keep on calling on him. He’s always there. Always there.

Having a lousy day? Hey…you might pray for a short line at the Starbuck drive-through.

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