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You Can Call Me Sophia Grace

Can you ever get too much of Sophia Grace and Rosie?!  I think not!!! You CANNOT watch this and not laugh!


IT’S MARCH! What’s not to like about a month that starts on a FRIDAY!!!


Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy!

Last week on the “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Ellen and Britney Spears were instructed how to do “Gangnam Style” dance by none other than South Korean rapper Psy himself. He’s the guy who has everyone doing this dance and he said, “The mindset of this dance is to dress classy and dance cheesy.” If you’ve been totally isolated the last few weeks and haven’t seen, check it out! It’s the latest dance craze to hit the nation.

We always have some dance craze going on. You can show your age by telling your favorite: the jitterbug, the Charleston, the samba, the mambo, the bassa nova, the twist, the mashed potato, the frug, the pony, the bump, the hustle, the YMCA, the macarena…don’t you love the names!

By definition these are fad dances which are characterized by appearing suddenly, having a short burst of popularity, but are short-lived. Everyone wants to learn how to do them, but they’re quickly a thing of the past.

God is not like that. God is not a fad. When you align yourself with God, he’s in it for the long haul. And, by that, I mean eternity. Forever. You may give up on him; he will never give up on you. That’s quite a statement, isn’t it. People in your life might give up on you. But, God will never give up on you.

Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. Joshua 1

Doesn’t it sound comforting to unite with God, knowing he will always, always be there for you? People say they will…God will.

So. Have you tried dancing the gangnam style? I have, but only in my own house when I’m very much alone. And, after seeing myself in the mirror dancing…I think it will remain that way.

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